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Bedroomdrunk, This Is What Happened EP 2002 (Self-released) 

Bedroomdrunk, Raw EP 2007 (Self-released) 

Ipek Gorgun, Aphelion LP 2016 (Self-released) 

Ipek Gorgun, Aphelion LP (Reissue) 2016, TOUCHLINE (TOUCH) 

Ceramic TL x Ipek Gorgun, Perfect Lung LP 2017, Halocline Trance

Alberi, Alberi II Mini Album 2017, Floating Forest Records

Ipek Gorgun, Ecce Homo LP 2018, TOUCH 

CRXSSINGS fundraiser compilation: solidarity with Athens' City Plaza Hotel for migrants and refugees - joined with a Mira Calix remix ("Fortuna Redux"), 2019

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